Next suggested new ID: missing

In which Wildbook did the issue occur? SeadragonSearch

What operating system were you using? (eg. MacOS 10.15.3) El Capitan 10.11.6

What web browser were you using? (eg. Chrome 79) Version 87.0.4280.88

What is your role on the site? (admin, researcher, etc) admin

What happened? The neat little ‘suggested next ID’ is not working for location Sandtracks

What did you expect to happen? A number to be suggested.

What are some steps we could take to reproduce the issue?

If this is a bulk import report, send the spreadsheet to with the email subject line matching your bug report

Also not working for WA-Point Peron as well as WA-Sandtracks

Also not working for WA-Augusta

Hey @NeridaWilson,
We need to update a properties file to include those locationIDs. We’ll get that done shortly, tracking under WB-1284.

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Also not working for the NSW locations recently added to the dropdown menu @tanyastere!